You can’t act like flip-flops and expect to be treated like Louboutins


Diwali Diaries: Dressing Bohemian

How are you guys enjoying the Diwali series? I’ve been keeping quite busy trying to update the blog regularly while balancing work, and it’s been so rewarding. So, before Diwali, I just wanted to give you guys one last outfit inspiration for the festival season.  This time, I’ve gone bohemian and dressed up in a…

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Diwali Diaries: Slaying In A Sari

As promised, I’m here with the third look in my Diwali series. And this time it’s a sari. If you’ve been following my blog, then you know how much I’ve grown to love saris. So it was only befitting that I wore one for the festivities too.  What makes this look all the more special is…

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Diwali Diaries: Going Banarasi

Namaste friends! I’m back with the second look in my Diwali series. If you thought the first one was a little simple for your taste, I’ve amped things up with this one. With golden hues, contrasting colours and flowing silhouettes, this one makes for a statement outfit. The Banarasi dupatta, for me, is the highlight…

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Diwali Diaries: Twirling In Anarkalis

Now that the temperature in Delhi has finally started dropping and Diwali is right around the corner, it’s time to bring out the festive outfits. Whether you’re going to the innumerable card parties or just planning to dress it up for office, all of us need some inspiration from time to time to spice things…

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Elevated Essentials

A shirt dress and a pair of well-fitting jeans are two of my most coveted wardrobe staples. I am naturally drawn to both items whenever I go shopping. Over the years, I have invested in multiple shirt dresses and I don’t remember even a single one that I didn’t wear till its last breath. Same…

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