Okay, maybe not completely without red (points to the lipstick and the nails), but you get the drift.

I’m not usually the kind of person who would get dolled up and go on a date for V-Day, mostly because in India it’s not a holiday (unless it falls on a Sunday) and my lazy ass can’t make all of this effort after getting done with work. Yes, I work in an actual office. For now. But we’ll get to that later. However, if I did actually go out, this is the kind of outfit I would most probably wear—comfortable, breezy yet warm, and not very difficult to put together; the Indo-western fusion part is an added bonus.

I’ve paired this organic cotton patchwork dress with an olive green trench and floral juttis (I’ve skipped heels with this one coz, girl, I ain’t juggling men and stilettos at the same time). For the accessories, I’m wearing these silver jhumkas and a floral jade ring. You can carry a bag too, I just found the pockets in the coat much more utilitarian. Oh and yeah, I almost forgot, I used the trench’s belt on the dress instead, just for some added detailing.


Clash of patterns
Comfort is key
Breezy, just the way I like it
The devil is in the details
In love with the juttis

P.S. Sorry for posting last minute, but I hope this gives you some inspiration to put together something from your existing wardrobe (especially if you haven’t gone out shopping for the 14th).

Until next time
Happy Lovin’

Outfit details
Dress Upasana
Trench Wills Lifestyle
Shoes Fizzy Goblet
Earrings Kala Chowk
Ring From the local jewellery market in Leh




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