For over six months, since I’ve been living independently, friends, relatives, and even acquaintances have been perturbed, intrigued, and mesmerised by the “fabulous” life that I, Adete, have been living. Does it feel great to be living without supervision? What is it like to work for a website, write for a blog on the internet, have “glamorous” photoshoots, party, and basically live “grandiosely” in the ever so over-romanticised Delhi? Well, peeps, it’s your lucky day because I’m going to bless you with a detailed account of what a day in the life of an independent woman, living in a metropolitan, looks like.

Ready? Let’s go!

The waking up: 6am is when my first alarm rings. But like for many other millennials, it is the first in a series of rather loud and irritating alarm bells. After six alarms, and two phone calls from a friend I’ve assigned the task of waking me up to, I drearily pull myself out of bed at around 6:45. That too because on most days I’m guilt-tripped into doing this. At present, the level of self-motivation is very close to zero.
The, since I don’t have my mom or a helper in my independent household to give me chai in bed, I drag my feet into the kitchen and with half-closed eyes and prepare a brown concoction closely resembling coffee. By the time I’m done, it is already 7 and I’m gulping down the boiling liquid, using the bathroom, and looking at memes on Facebook, all at the same time while also trying to avoid getting late for gym (cannot take one more taunt or disapproving look from the trainer). Disciplined life, you think? More like obligation because my mid-twenties’ body cannot really keep up with the shit I subjected it to when I was 20!

The working out: I’ll admit it’s intimidating to witness hunks and hunkesses in the gymnasium, pounding away at the machines as I try to lift 2.5kg dumbbells while looking like I’ve got it all under control. I’m really more of a yoga person, but since that will require me to be more disciplined and workout at home, I settle for the what the trainers have to say. Gym time, needless to say, is also laced with me sneaking out to look at Instagram on my phone in regular intervals of 20 minutes (anything for the love of social media).

The breakfast: Again, since mom isn’t around to help with deciding the menu or better yet making the food, the decision lies on these tiny shoulders. “Khaane mein kya banana hai?” is probably one of the toughest questions I have had to answer in all the years of my existence. And although I love breakfast and watch recipes on repeat on YouTube on a daily basis, I settle (and this is the case five days out of seven) for some form of eggs, a glass of milk and maybe some fruit if I haven’t forgotten to purchase it the previous day.

Let’s work, work, work, work… Now that I’m fully awake, exercised and fed, I am ready to start the day. A big part of living independently is earning the money to support your independence. Therefore the massive hoohaa. So, I start by binge-watching some random show on Netflix for two hours. Since I work for the internet, this counts as research. By the time I’m done, I’m hungry again, have probably written two paragraphs, and am feeling weighed down by all the hard-work I’ve done.

Food again: Needless to say, I proceed to address the hunger first with whatever my maid has made for lunch that day. And you can’t really have lunch without YouTube playing in the background. This also count as research for the blog. Once, I’m done (two-hours later) it is time to get back to writing, but because I’ve stuffed myself too much, my eyes have a hard time staying open. Obviously then, it is coffee to the rescue. I prepare a decent cup this time around and gulp it down in an attempt to get rid of the drowsiness.

Back to work, work, work, work… Okay! Finally I open a new document, adjust the font and stare at the screen for I-don’t-know-how-long, waiting for something to come to me. By this time it is already late in the afternoon and I need to pick up pace. On most days, I work like a frenzied maniac during the second half of the day and finish my articles for work, write a piece for my blog, edit some photos, and also think of content for the coming days before I shut my laptop. Clearly, I don’t believe in balance.

It’s time to partaaay: When I finally shut my laptop and it isn’t 11:30 pm already, I will call one of my two best friends for a night out in the city. Living in Delhi, one of the most culturally vibrant cities in the country, isn’t to be taken for granted! But since they all have more happening lives than I do, most times they’ll not be free and I’ll be left with the internet for company. Pretty damn glamorous, isn’t it?
On the rare occasion that they are free and we do get down to deciding where to go, by the time we’re done, I’m already exhausted and decide to sit the meeting out. On the even rarer occasion, I do actually step out, I have to ensure that the neighbours aren’t disturbed when I come back home at night because, trust me, you don’t want to be the woman who was judged by Indian neighbours for living on your own without your parents or husband.

The bed is calling: If I’m not already exhausted from all the working and partying (read staring at the laptop all day), I’ll pick up my kindle in an attempt to read something meaningful and then doze off with the gadget in hand. That is why my alarms are set for all days of the week.
The next morning? It is get, set, repeat! Pretty damn fabulous and glamorous, isn’t it?

PS: If you don’t have a sense of humour and took this post literally, you are right, I need to sort my life out. But on a more serious note, if you want a blog post on all the pros of adulting (this one, sorta being the cons) let me know in the comments.
Till next time.

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2 replies on “A Day In The Glamorous, And Oh-So-Fabulous Life Of An Independent Woman

  1. I really liked this one. Sounds so damn relatable only thing that I have a 2-year-old hovering around, calling mumma! mumma!
    Also, the part where you open the laptop and do ‘research’ before staring at the screen,. Working from home makes you efficient and lazy at the same time. 🙂


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