I’m writing a fashion post after so long, it feels almost alien. And, initially I wasn’t planning on putting this outfit up on the blog, just Instagram, but then I thought “why the hell not?” and here we are.

If you’re even slightly aware of the happenings in the world of style, you’ve probably seen this outfit combination multiple times. Individually, both skirts and sweaters are versatile closet staples, but when combined, they create the perfect outfit for the seasonal transition from winter to spring (or summer to fall). And it is one combination that doesn’t really go out of style, ever – just switch up your skirts and sweaters depending on what is in trend and you’ve got yourself a chic going-out ensemble. This year, for example, floral prints and pastels are going to be all the rage. So are pencil skirts. You could opt for a chunky sweater in a pastel shade layered over a printed pencil skirt and some pointed ankle booties for a hot-to-trot look.

As for the outfit that I put together, I paired a pastel pink oversized sweater from Forever 21 with a black printed mini skirt, black leggings and grey boots. Here are the pictures:


Sweater: Forever 21
Skirt: Forever 21
Stockings: From a general store near my house
Boots: H&M

Do you guys like these style posts? What else do you want to read about? Let me know in the comments.

Until next time.


Posted by:Bloggerani | Adete

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