We are a confused lot. Us – the city folk, the millennials, the working young adults.

Why are we confused? Well, we live in metropolitans, yet we want organic food; we want all the luxuries of life but we also want free-spirited, creative careers that don’t bound us; we earn more than the average worker, yet we don’t affiliate ourselves with the white collared peeps; we are very much a part of the mainstream culture, yet we are anti-establishment; we buy into fast fashion, and we also criticise fashion labels for their regressive policies; we buy leather accessories, and we also oppose animal abuse…the list goes on.

Recently, I came across a term – “Bobo” – that seems to be extremely befitting to what can be referred to as our generation. And that is what sort of inspired the look you’re about to see.
Coined in the the late 1990s by an author called David Brooks, it is the contraction of the terms “Bourgeois Bohemian” – a class of people who have traits of both the free-spirited bohemians and the yuppie attitude of the bourgeois. Although the term isn’t really used for Indians or in the Indian context (it’s a construct of the Western world), after reading up on it, I felt it also applies to young adults in our country. After all, we sip on Starbucks lattes and chat on our iPhones, while being immersed in poetry and looking for the road to enlightenment, all at the same time. Well, there’s a lot more to being a Bobo (after all it refers to a whole generation), and if you want to read more on the topic, I’ll put the links at the end of the post.

Now, for the look. I had been wanting, for the longest time, to put together an outfit that brought together the structure we see in the corporate and the free-spiritedness of the bohemian way of life. You will notice that I haven’t used any jewellery or accessories here and that’s because I feel the strength that this look portrays was being diluted by adding anything else. Right now, it gives off the vibe of a no-fuss, power woman who also has a fun side. What do you think?

And the best part about this outfit, I feel, is that it can be customised to suit your style and comfort level and it can easily be transitioned to a street-wear or an everyday look. In fact, I’d not mind wearing this one as is to an event or music gig. Here are the pictures, let me know what you think.


Outfit Details

Crop top: Forever 21
Jacket: Wills Lifestyle
Palazzos: Fabindia
Juttis: Fizzy Goblet

Read more about being a “bobo” here and here.

What did you think of the look guys? Let me know what kind of posts you guys want to see in the future.

Till the next time!

Posted by:Bloggerani | Adete

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