I am an online shopping addict. Actually, that might be an understatement. I am so hopelessly in love with the idea that I spend almost all of my free time on these shopping websites, adding items to my carts and wish-lists (in some of them, the total has reached a six-figure amount!). But since I don’t earn nearly enough to be able to go on a shopping spree at my whim and fancy, I look for deals and discounts all the time. So, you can imagine my excitement when I discovered SheIn (This is not a sponsored post btw). It opened up a whole new world! Great-looking items at throwaway prices (most of them anyway). My first thought was: “This is basically the Sarojini Nagar of the online shopping world.” And so, started the journey of my very first SheIn haul.

But, before I shopped, I was skeptical AF. Especially since some of the reviews I’ve heard were not so great. So the only way I could find out, was to shop and see for myself. Before I knew, I had added a shit-ton of stuff to my cart and the total was around Rs 15,000. I sat down, sorted stuff out and zeroed in on around 20 items (including shoes and accessories) and with the cart total down to Rs 10,000 (three-months worth of savings), I took the plunge. Since I had to upgrade my summer wardrobe anyway and could always return the items if I didn’t find them up to the mark, I thought there was no harm. And I was right!

I was amazed by the quality of the products. Although these are fast-fashion (something that I don’t support so wholeheartedly), they are pretty durable and can last you a couple of seasons if you take basic care of them. You know, like keeping them clean, following wash instructions etc. I did have to return a pair of pants that weren’t true to size but a ratio of 19:1 is pretty darn good!

So, I scheduled a shoot in a few of the items and they’re here for you to see. I am also sharing the links to everything else I bought (but couldn’t shoot) along with the reviews, and links if you want to go ahead and shop the same. I’ve also shared the approx cost it would take to put together the complete outfits from SheIn alone.

Outfit 1

She in haul red top  Shein haul red top 1

Shein haul necklace

Red tie front top 
I tied this up in the back because I couldn’t figure out how to wear it in the tie-front style to be honest! Loved the colour (which bled a little bit on the first wash) and the bell sleeves.
Denim Skirt
Mine is an old piece from YepMe. But you can find similar ones on SheIn
Flat sandals
Again, a pair I already owned. But I’ve ordered a pair of flats from SheIn that I think will look really good with this look.
Layered necklace
This three-tier silver-finish necklace is the bomb! It is really sturdy and pretty easy to put on. Although it does get tangled up, but that can be sorted if you just store it properly.
Total outfit cost: Rs. 3000 (approx)

Outfit 2

Shein haul yellow back Shein haul yellow top 1

Shein haul yellow top

Yellow V-neck top with lace up detailing in the back
This is a gem of a top. Hugs the body at the right places, has great movement and I love the criss-cross lace-up design in the back.
High-waisted denim shorts
If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you know that I DIYd these shorts. But you can easily get a pair online (link above).
Statement earrings
I am wearing silver earrings in this look that I purchased from Kala Chowk. These were on the slightly more expensive side, but they’re so versatile that I can pair them with both Indian and western outfits.
Total outfit cost: Rs 2000 (approx)

Outfit 3

White lantern-sleeve top with applique work
This is perhaps my favourite piece out of everything I bought. Great fit, great material, well-stitched. And thought the model (click on the link above) wears it without a spaghetti top inside, I found my ta-ta’s were a little too big to get the same fit as hers without something on the inside.
High-waisted skinny jeans
To be honest, the one’s I am wearing in this picture are an old pair. I didn’t want to carry all of my new clothes while travelling. But I bought this pair from Shein and it fits like a dream and would look great with these.
Red closed-front flats
The ones I’m wearing are from Koovs and I love them! I went on Shein after I had already purchased this pair, but there is a lot more variety here. You can have a look here.
Silver hoops
My silver earrings are from a local jewellery store in Leh. But, minimalistic silver hoops would look equally great with this look (link above).
Total outfit cost: Rs 3500 (approx)

Outfit 4

Black ribbed lace-up crop top
This entire outfit is from Romwe and not Shein and it is the only one where I am not happy with the quality. Although it looks cute, the colour bleeds and it lost some of its elasticity on the first wash itself.
Olive paper-bag skirt
In the pictures, the skirt looks much more vibrant and chic. But the material is some sort of linen-mix which crumples every time you sit. I wasn’t able to iron out the creases even after ironing it repeatedly. And yes, it too bled quite a lot of colour when I washed it.
SheIn has better alternatives: Paper-bag shorts, this olive skirt
Total outfit cost: Rs. 2000 (approx)

Outfit 5

Shein haul stripe Shein haul stripe and short

Blue striped cold-shoulder top
Another one of my favourite pieces. I am in love with vertical stripes and the floral print detailing on this one just won my heart. Again, the material is nice, the make is clean and the top is not see-through.
White shorts
I already owned this pair of white shorts from last summer so I used them. They were brought at a flea market. Similar ones are available at SheIn and even other online stores.
White and pink sneakers
The current ones are from Koovs. But I plan on buying these ones from SheIn next month when I get my paycheque.
Total outfit cost: Rs. 2000 (approx)

Outfit 6

White checkered cropped shirt
This piece is such a staple. You can just pair it with any high-waisted skirt or shorts and it makes the perfect casual outfit for summer.
Black jeggings/leggings
The ones I am wearing are an old pair from Zara, but similar ones are available on SheIn (link above)
Total outfit cost: Rs. 1100 (approx)

Which was your favourite outfit of the lot? And have you ever shopped from SheIn? Let me know about your experience.

That’s all for today folks!



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