I have my fair share of skin concerns. There’s hormonal acne, uneven skin tanning if I go out in the sun too long, dehydrated skin, and a host of other problems. So, naturally, my skincare routine changes constantly. I am definitely a beauty junkie always on the lookout for products that will address some concern or the other. But one thing that I always desire and expect from any routine or product  is that it will give me glowing and radiant skin.

Even as I am writing this, I have a whole lot of creams and serums stacked up to be tried. But no matter how many new things I add to my beauty kit, there are a trusted few hacks and habits that remain constant. I’ve found that these five remedies, or tips if you will, are extremely effective in getting my skin to look more glowing and radiant. 

Neem to the rescue

This is by far my most recent discovery and perhaps the most effective skincare hack that I’ve come across. All I do is boil a handful of neem leaves in water every evening and drink the concoction first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. I never thought that one cup a day of this would get rid of so many of my skin concerns. My chronic back acne cleared up in two weeks, my dark spots faded and of course my skin was glowing. For an added bonus, I even add a cup of neem water to my bath water and it takes care of any residual skin issues. Just one miracle product for everything!
Neem is a blood-purifier that works from inside out. And believe me, if you have your body taken care of, it will show on the skin!

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

Don’t scroll down or decide to leave the page on reading this point. There’s a reason why everyone stresses on drinking more water and it’s because it truly works for giving you that glowing and radiant skin. I had been suffering from dehydrated skin (not dry skin) for the longest time and once I increased my intake of water, this problem vanished completely. In fact, I did a little experiment to see if water really affected the glow and radiance of the skin. So, for a week I survived on 2-3 litres of water a day…nothing major happened, I went about life as normal. The next week, I increased my intake to 9-10 litres a day and within two days there was a marked difference in how my skin looked! No dryness on the cheeks, no flaking skin, and no dullness. It was this simple. And if you’re worried about going to the loo too often, here’s a little secret: your body will adjust to the increased intake in about a week and you won’t have to go as frequently after that.

Up that Vitamin C in your diet

Another remedy that works from the inside out! There’s enough research on the internet talking about the skincare benefits of Vit C, so I’m not going to bore you with that. But I will tell you that this single vitamin has worked wonders for my skin. Now I’m a very forgetful person, which means I don’t remember to take my supplements on a regular basis. I actually only remember whenever I see my skin looking dull and every time I increase my intake of Vitamin C, it clearly shows on my skin. The number of whiteheads and dark spots reduce, there’s a definite glow and my complexion is more peachy.

Using face wash only once a day

A couple of years back I was travelling in the hills where I met this woman in a cafe with the most beautiful skin I had ever seen. I couldn’t stop myself from going and asking for her secret and she told me that she washed her face as little as possible, sometimes skipping it for days altogether. Now, while living in the city, that wasn’t an option for me, but I did find that reducing the number of times I used face-wash in a day did make a considerable difference. I went from using it thrice to only once at night. In the morning I just splash clean water and I’m good to go. This has actually helped balance the oil production and sebum secretion on my face and doesn’t strip away the necessary oils. Win win!

A few drops of apple cider a day, keeps a doctor away

This hack works great for any marks or dark spots or acne scars. I just dilute apple cider or lemon juice – whatever I have on hand – in a little bit of water and use a cotton to apply it all over my face. Then I use my regular moisturizer over it and I’m good to go. These can be pretty strong, so make sure to dilute these with water before use. (There are a few more precautions to take here. Will discuss this in another post)
This is how this works: Most cleansers and even water are basic in nature, which means their pH level lies anywhere between 7 and 14 on the scale. The skin however has a pH level of around 5.5, which makes it fall on the acidic side of the scale. Washing your skin basically disrupts its natural pH, which can take several hours to restore. Using an acidic substance like apple cider or lemon juice helps balance your skin’s pH, thus helping reach normalcy faster. Apple cider also works like a mild chemical peel to give you that glowing and radiant skin. 

If you’ll notice, most of these deal with internal changes rather than just working on the surface. My skin looks best when I follow all of these steps together. Of course, I slip up every now and then and have to deal with the repercussions, but I substitute with a nutritious diet when I cannot follow these to the T. And that helps keep my skin more-or-less balanced.

Hope this was helpful. (Read about my last hack, here)

Until next time,

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