Chances are, by now you’ve heard of micellar water and probably even bought a bottle to try. But do you know what it actually is and why it works the way it does? Do you know if it would work for your skin type? I’m here to answer all the questions you ever thought you’d have about it!

I was introduced to this miracle water just recently and have already fallen in love with it. But the first time I used it to remove water-proof mascara, it didn’t quite work the way I hoped it would. So, I went on the internet and spent several hours researching to find why that was the case. I got all the answers, and a little more info. I currently use the L’Oreal 3-in-1 Micellar Water.

Here’s sharing everything I found with you and hopefully you’ll find it useful!

What is Micellar Water anyway?

Micellar water (pronounced my-sell-er) is one of the trendiest products in the Indian beauty market today. But the formula actually originated in France, way back when the country didn’t even have a plumbing system. The regular water was very harsh on the skin and this formula was developed to make cleaning the skin easier. With the introduction of cleansing foams, soaps and other jazz, this product slowly faded away. But it’s making a resurgence now! It has been popular in the west for quite some time now, but was introduced in India only last year.

Formula: While different brands have slightly different formulas from each other, the basic principal is that micellar water is made up micelles – tiny molecules of cleansing oil suspended in purified water. Some companies use extremely mild surfactants instead of oil and might add other hydrating ingredients such as glycerin.

How does Micellar Water work?

When you wipe your face with a cotton ball soaked in this cleanser, the micelles stick to the cotton while pulling makeup, sebum or any other muck off your skin. The formulas are so light and gentle that you don’t actually need to rinse them off with water. This also leaves any moisturising ingredients left to be absorbed by your skin.

Is it just used for removing makeup?

Nooo! Micellar water is not just a makeup-remover. It is an all-round cleanser. Some people have replaced their regular face-washes with this!

There are a number of reasons why Micellar Water is often advertised as the perfect cleanser by several brands. It is very gentle on the skin and cleanses without leaving it dry like harsh face washes, or oily like cleansing oils. Since it doesn’t require water to wash off, it is a great product to carry on the move – whether you’re on vacation, or outdoors shooting (like me), it can help you clean your face, tweak your makeup or just remove your makeup after a long day.

What to keep in mind before buying Micellar Water?

Different brands have released different versions of the micellar water, which have different concentration of micelles to suit different skin types. They will usually mention on the product whether it is for dry, normal, or oily skin; whether it is just for cleansing or removes even the toughest water-proof makeup.

The one that I have removes makeup, but doesn’t work too well on waterproof makeup. I didn’t know of the difference before buying. So keep that in mind.

How to use Micellar Water?

Now that you know everything else, here’s how you can put this nifty, no-rinse cleanser to use:

  • As a face-wash in the morning: If you’ve read my article on getting rid of acne, you know that I don’t use face-wash in the morning. But there are times when the skin needs a little pick-me-up. This is for those times. Once you’re done using this, just follow your regular routine.
  • For a double-cleanse: I’ve started doing this in the evenings. I first wipe my face-off with micellar water and then follow it up with my face-wash. This tends to get rid of every damn thing on my face and I’ve been loving it so far.
  • To remove makeup: This is something everyone probably knows! A no-brainer there. Just pick the right product for this though.
  • To touch up your makeup: This is one hack that really comes in handy for me during shoots or parties. If I want to touch up that little bit of concealer or my eyeliner needs a fix, I just dab this on a q-tip and use it to remove some of the make-up and then reapply.
  • On travels or after the gym: I like this more than  makeup wipes, as they can tend to cause allergies. I carry this along on all my travels along with some cotton and it’s great to use after the sweat-sesh at the gym as well!

Well, now that you’re all caught up, here’s a list of Micellar Waters that I believe cover the various skin concerns:

Budget options:

Shop these here:

Garnier Skin Naturals Micellar Cleansing Water: Rs 140
Garnier Skin Naturals Micellar Cleansing Bi Phase Water: Rs 170
Bioderma Sensibio H2O: Rs 730

High-end options:

Shop these here:

Eau Thermale Avene Micellar Lotion: Rs 1,195
La Roche-Posay Effaclar Micellar Water: Rs 2,127
L’Oreal Paris Micellar Cleansing Water – Complete Cleanser: Rs 1,849
Vichy Normaderm Micellar Solution:  Rs 2,183

That’s all for today folks!
Until next time,

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