In fashion, what you wear is much more than just its appearance. Take sunglasses for example. When you put on a pair, yes it does add an extra element to your outfit, but with that it also brings a sense of mystery, wonderment and sophistication to your outfit (even if you might not be all those things in real life :p). What I mean to say, is that we choose clothes and accessories that make us feel a certain way rather than just how they look. And sunglasses are one of the most versatile things in this department.

I must admit, I’ve recently converted to being a lover of the shades, and boy have I fallen hard! Before this year, the only pair of sunglasses I owned were the ones gifted to me by my best friend on my birthday two years ago! Now I own 5 pairs. And as I am collecting more, I’ve also noticed that some people always look great in a pair of sunnies while others not so much. So with some research and a lot of observation, I’ve narrowed down the secrets of styling sunglasses to these five points. And so far, I’ve been following them to the T.

1. Pick ones for your face shape

I’ve read so many articles on this, but somehow when I actually go and try on a pair of sunglasses, all of the written advice goes out the window. So, for me, trial and error is the only way to pick the shapes (yes, there’s more than one) that best suit my face. So far, I’ve found that wayfarers, round and octagonal, all look good on me. Of course this also depends on the actual size of the lens. So, peeps, it’s not just about the shape but also the size ;).

2. Buy ones that look expensive


No matter how much I wish to look like Audrey Hepburn, I really don’t have $200 to spend on a pair of Oliver Goldsmith sunnies at this point in my life. So what do I do? I resort to buying pairs that look expensive but are actually budget finds. In fact they are cheap as hell! My most expensive pair is for Rs 700. Look for solid frames and metal detailing to get that edge. Or you can select your favourite designer sunglasses and then look for knockoffs at places like Forever 21, Zara and H&M.

3. Wear minimal jewellery

This one is extremely important! When you accessorise with sunglasses, you are making a statement with your outfit. It’s best to let that one statement shine through rather than overburdening your look with too many elements. Usually when I have my shades on, it’s either very minimal jewellery or no jewellery at all. It gives that put-together vibe.

4. Style your hair carefully

Another biggie in the looks department. Now your hairstyle determines whether you end up looking like a chic businesswoman or just a girl on vacation, chilling by the beach side. Remember Hepburn’s hairstyle in Breakfast At Tiffany’s? It was almost as iconic as her sunglasses. For example, if you’re looking for a more casual look, keep your hair open or in loose waves, whereas if you’re looking for a more professional vibe, go for a sophisticated bun or ponytail.

5. Wear em, without wearing em

Oooh, this is one of my favourite ways. I just love when someone casually tucks in their sunglasses in the middle of their collar or wears them on their head. It gives a very model off-duty vibe. It’s casual, but also tells people that you’re somehow sophisticated.

How do you guys style your sunglasses? Let me know in the comments, maybe I can get some tips too ;).

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That’s all for today guys!
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