I absolutely love shorts. I think they’re the best part about summers. But if you’re being realistic, they aren’t always the easiest to style when you want to go for a dressier outfit. In fact, most people still associate shorts with beach or loungewear, and this is just the kind of perception I’d like to change.

Personally, if I could, I’d wear shorts to every possible occasion. There are just a couple of things that need to be kept in mind and you can style them for a formal event or even office!

I recently had a girls’ day out and naturally shorts were my choice of attire. But since I’m not in school anymore, I didn’t want to go the denim shorts and T-shirt route. I chose a pair of printed shorts instead, which I paired with a white tank top and a long black jacket to tie everything together. For the accessories, I chose a muti-coloured sling bag and gold hoops. As for the shoes, I wore a pair of tan flats. It made for the right amount of casual-chic.

Here, I’ve put together a guide of sorts to help you out in your fashion journey. Here are the steps I usually follow to put together the right kind of outfit when I’m styling shorts:

Go for the right kind of shorts

Depending on the occasion, it is important to choose what kind of shorts you want to use. For example, if you’re going to the beach, a pair of denims works best. However, if you plan on wearing them to an event or more formal setting, go for tailored shorts. They simply elevate your look.

Here, I’m wearing a pair of thrifted shorts that are tailored and printed. While the structured fit makes them look formal, the palm print gives them a slightly more casual vibe – just what I was going for here.

Choose your top carefully

Shirts, silk blouses, button downs – these are the kinds you choose if you’re going for a formal event or outing. For more casual attires, go for printed tees and tank tops.

Since I wanted to keep the outfit casual-chic, I went for a tank top, which was mostly concealed by my long coat and hence gave the desired effect.

Pair them with a structure jacket/coat

styling shorts

Layering adds dimension to your outfit and with the right pieces you can do it in summer too. Depending on the type of jacket, you can get a formal, semi-formal, or boho look. I went for this black, sleeveless long coat for a chic, street-wear look.

Let shoes do the talking

styling shorts

A pair of stilettos or strappy heels can easily take this casual outfit from a day to a night look. Since I was to spend the day shopping and chilling with my friends, I chose to wore a pair of tan flats from Charles & Keith. This classy pair is just chic enough to give the outfit that edge without making it too formal.

Pick the right accessories

styling shorts styling shorts

Accessories are everything when styling an outfit. If you want to go for a formal attire, dainty necklaces and stacked rings along with an envelope clutch go really well. For a more casual outfit, however, a pair of gold hoops is great. So is a pair of statement earrings. Go all-out for your bag if your outfit is simple, like I’ve done here. And of course, a pair of classy sunglasses!

Outfit Details

Shorts: Thrifted
Printed tank top: Koovs
Long coat: H&M (not available online)
Gold hoops: Forever 21
Bag: Koovs
Sunglasses: Forever 21
Tan Flats: Charles & Keith (not available online)


Did you guys find the blog helpful? How do you style your favourite pair of shorts. Let me know in the comments below. Read my last fashion post here

That’s all for now folks!
Until next time,

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