A few weeks back, if you remember, I had posted a blog with some amazing women sharing stories of their most special moments in a sari. That got me thinking about this wonderful garment and how in reality it is a very nonchalant affair for thousands, probably millions of women. The first story in the previous blog actually talks about how sari is something a number of modern women associate with special occasions, despite the fact that it is actually an every-day garment, and has been so for decades. 

Inspired by the stories of these women and several others, I finally decided to take on the sari challenge and play around with the concept of wearing it on a daily basis (more regular basis if not everyday). This is how the concept for the current shoot came about. I wanted to do something that would bring out the mundaneness of everyday life, but look beautiful at the same time. And nothing emulates this better than a block-print cotton sari. 

Styled with silver jewellery, it is the very definition of young Indian women today who are taking on modern lives but are also each preserving tradition in their own little ways. In fact, now more than ever I see young girls and women celebrating the sari. So, here’s my little spin on it. Hope you guys like it. 

I am planning to start a section on the blog where I want to publish contributions by my readers. If you’re interested in sharing personal stories, anecdotes, and photographs, please reach out to me at adete@bloggerani.com. 

Let me know what you thought of this blog in the comments! ❤ 

Until next time, 

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