At a music festival, sometimes you’ll find that most interesting people are not the ones on stage! I recently came back from the Bacardi NH7 Weekender. The performances were smashing beyond words but ever so often I would end up noticing people, who were just as exciting as the headlining act. They made the whole experience even more entertaining and engaging. And so I thought I’d pen down this kind of observational, kind of humorous piece.

1. The rich bitches

With their Pradas and Guccis in tow, they have the money to get sloshed on expensive festival alcohol! Need I say more?

2. The Instagrammers

But first, let them take a picture! Everything they do, they do it for the gram

3. The ones who move-as-little-as-possible

For them, a music festival is nothing but a giant-ass bed.

4. The walking lights

From battery-powered glasses to the blinking devil horns, they have on every accessory being sold at the bazaar.

5. The selfie obsessed

Want to see the festival through a series of weird face close-ups? Head to the selfie takers’ Instagram.

6. The front runners

You’ll see them running to the front of the stage as soon as an act starts, whether they know the artist or not.

7. The smugglers

You know those people who carry their own booze and food to the festival, beating all security and regulations? They’re so sneaky that you won’t notice them unless you’re one of them.

8. The true-blue music lovers

They come to discover new artists or listen to their old favourites. They are simply there for the music, no frills attached.

9. The sheeple

The peeps who are at the festival because it’s a cool thing to do. You’ll see them hopping from stage to stage depending on where the maximum crowd is.

10. The tourists

They are there for everything but the music – ferris wheel rides, food, I heart “whatever festival” photo-ops or even just lounging around.

11. The PDA enthusiasts

I’m not talking about the occasional peck on the cheek but full-blown make-out sessions that make you wish you weren’t there in the first place.

12. The old couple

They’re still out there, doing their thing and giving “growing old together” a new meaning. Kudos.

13. The stoners

Alcohol is just too mainstream. You’ll see them getting high in some corner, unaware of the happenings of the world.

14. The drunks

While we’re on the subject of getting high, you’ll find folks who are only there to drink all the alcohol that’s humanly possible. Sloshed out of their wits, you will find them stumbling, puking and passing out as the concerned guards try and bring them back to their senses.

15. The socialites

These people know almost everyone at the event. It’s just another opportunity for cheek kisses and “what’s ups”.

16. The phubbers

They might as well have watched the whole thing online for these are the people who watch the entire show through their phones

17. The I-don’t-care-who’s-watching dancers

They will move and groove even to the most mellow tracks like no one’s watching. Guess what? No one is!

18. The shoulder hoppers

You’ll see some of them during every act. They’re just looking for shoulders to sit on while shouting and hooting so they’ll be a part of the festival after-movie.

19. The fashionistas

They’ll be showing off their clothes even if you don’t want to see. After all, festivals are a great chance to showcase their style to the world.

20. The random celebrity

Sometimes you’ll spot the occasional famous personality lounging around or drinking at the cocktail counter. But you won’t know if or how to approach them

As for me, I think I belong to several categories on the list: Instagrammer and Fashionista for sure. What about you? Which category do you belong to at a music festival? 


Posted by:Bloggerani | Adete

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