#BeautyFails: Products I Won’t Be Using Again | Colorbar Edition

Want to know about which products didn’t work for me and why? Read on to find out in this #BeautyFails edition

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5 Things I Swear By To Get Glowing And Radiant Skin

I have my fair share of skin concerns. There’s hormonal acne, uneven skin tanning if I go out in the sun too long, dehydrated skin, and a host of other problems. So, naturally, my skincare routine changes constantly. I am definitely a beauty junkie always on the lookout for products that will address some concern…

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The weirdest teeth whitening hack I’ve used!

Now, some of you might already be aware of this “hack” and some of you might not but since I came across its quick-action results quite recently, I thought I’d spread the word. Disclaimer: I don’t have extremely yellow or stained teeth but thanks to the Instagram wave of teeth-whitening Β videos, I also want to…

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